The Meaning of True Love

I have never been a Valentine lover! In my opinion it is too commercialized and it is so much more than chocolates and dinner. If you love me- you love me for a lifetime no matter what day it is. I would always go crazy when those ladies who didn’t have a man whined that they wouldn’t be receiving chocolates or special treatment on that day. What better way to express love unexpectedly on any given day. I had a man and I expressed my love for him every day in the simplest of ways. Although I knew love, I didn’t fully grasp true love until my boys came into my world.


After my boys were born everyday has been my Valentine’s Day. I took one glance at my first born son and I knew that I would be in love forever. I didn’t know what love was until I held him in my arms and admired his every move. No one had ever compared to this feeling of joy that came upon me. He was perfect in every sense of the word. At that moment I knew no one could replace this feeling and this was “true and unconditional love”. 

When I was expecting my second child, I often questioned if I could have enough love to give to another. I often worried- would I show favoritism? Would I make my eldest child feel jealous? Would I give enough attention to either one of them? I prepared my eldest son every step of the way including him in every moment of the pregnancy. When my second child arrived, my eldest was elated to be a big brother. He accepted him with open arms and of course they have their quarrels but what siblings don’t? I often catch them telling one another how much they love each other or explaining the magnitude of their love and it warms my heart! Their love and affection everyday proves to me that there should be no designated day to show someone love but this love must be bestowed upon someone on a daily basis. 


I want my boys to know that it shouldn’t take one day to show someone you love them. Life is so very short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow so express your love everyday. The smallest of acts are a symbol of love. A smile, a thought, a word, all goes a very long way. So this year, hopefully many people won’t get so stuck on if someone takes them to dinner or buys them a card but takes a moment to share a kind word with a friend, hug your partner a little bit closer, or stare at your child as I do to mine every day and take that moment of love in. Wrap it around you and feel the love that you have around you every day! I can only hope that my boys grow to be the kind of men who show their significant other that love is through actions and words and not through materialistic things.


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    Amen! Valentine’s day is WAAAAY too commercial, it just means you pay triple the price for flowers and chocolates and dinner too
    that being said I think that some people who don’t have a lot of time to do romantic things together take this opportunity to do soemthing nice for eachother.
    I personally don’t celebrate it anymore, life is just too busy and I honestly don’t want my hubby spending 3x price on flowers, he can get me flowers on any other day!

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      Thanks for reading and commenting. I totally agree with you–people get so hung up
      on the materialistic things–does that really mean that person loves you?
      Same here–we spend special time together every single day–after being with my hubby
      since 1996 our love is deeper than one day!
      Thanks mama :)

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    I love Valentine’s Day! I love all the pomp and curcumstance of the whole thing. I love seeing women with flowers and candy from their significant others. I know my family knows I love them the other 364 days of the year and VDay is a chance for me to broadcast it everywhere

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      That is awesome you have those feelings about VDay!
      You go girl! We are all entitled to our own opinion and I respect yours!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

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    I love this line: The smallest of acts are a symbol of love. It’s so true Eileen! Yet, like @Jennice, I love Valentine’s Day and all it entails. I love getting pampered, receiving flowers, chocolates and most especially the excitement of the unexpected. Not because I need these things to show me my worth but because I work so hard throughout the year. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and my birthday are the days when I get pampered. All others I do the pampering…so YES I’m all about the commercialized Valentine’s Day! 😉

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      Thanks for reading and responding.
      I totally understand and respect your opinion.
      I guess this is why our universe is so wonderful–it would be pretty darn boring if we were all the same :)
      Thanks sweetie and I hope you get all pampered up!

  4. Ana says

    This past Valentine’s we just looked forward to taking the kids out to eat. When we got to the restaurant, the wait was so long that we didn’t even bother. We just bought them something simple. I do look forward for Mother’s Day and my birthday to be a just a little special. You’re so correct about the love that a child brings. I never knew that I could love 2 individuals as much as I do with my babies <3

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