Resolutions For This Working Mom On The Go!

As a mother of two rambunctious boys I made my resolutions very simple and straight to the point. When I made them, I wanted to keep my whole character in mind and everything that is a part of me. I am your working mom on the go and everything must be scheduled and organized for me to be successful. The moment anything is off, all moms know, chaos ensues!

The typical new year’s resolutions would consist of weight loss or fitness, but mind are a little different. Here is what I’m striving for this year. I’m thankful can help me achieve all of these goals:

Being more organized is always something I aim for. I am organized and efficient but in my mind, I can never be too organized. What mom can have too much organization in her life? I plan way in advance in all that I do; clothes laid out the night before school, dinner thawing out in the fridge in advance, lunches and snacks prepared and ready to go. My gofer’s closet storage system enables me to keep everything organized and right at my fingertips in the morning when I am getting my boys ready for our hectic day. We save time by the boys being more independent and getting their own things out of these storage bins, leaving mommy room to do something else like maybe even touching up my hair or make up! With time being a factor in everything moms do, having a moment for myself is a major accomplishment during a busy morning.
Michal Marcol

Taking better care of myself is a priority of mine as well this year. As moms, we always put our needs on the back-burner but I realize I must take care of myself to feel better, look better, and be a better mom. With my gofer my beauty products are at the click of my fingertips and I can save time by not running out of my house to purchase these items, leaving me more time to be the hands on mommy that I want to be. I can take care of my skin, hair, and nail products all in one click. I feel more confident than ever walking my son to school and feeling fresh without any stress. I know that I am able to place myself at the top of my priority list and I don’t have to go out of my way to do so.

More time for my family is a major priority. As moms we usually have the guilt of not spending enough time with our families. I don’t want to miss a milestone and I want to be at my boy’s side for his homework and studies. As he does his homework, mom can save time by writing posts for online publications as well as shop on to make my life even smoother.

With, I can place my order online while I am working or on the go from my phone or iPad. It’s convenient, stress-free, and a piece of heaven for this mother as I am achieving my resolutions all in one. What mom could ask for anything more. It’s mid-January and I already feel accomplished -thanks to mygofer!

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