Working From Home May Be The Best Thing For This Mom

As a mom who has worked both from home and outside of home, I can honestly say I ADORE working from home. I become even more enamored with my work at home setup when I am home for the summer. I know things happen for a reason and I had to go back to the classroom this past year, but I still feel as though I am not fulfilling what I really want when I’m working outside the home. Working from home full time last year enabled me to work at my own pace and it provided me full access to my son who … [Read more...]

Child Support Sums and Fathers Who Complain

As a mother it really disgusts me when I hear men talk about child support. Now, this post is NOT a man bashing rant because, as many of you know, you will NOT find me bashing my husband or men in general on any social media networks. Many of you have seen me give kudos to men who take care of their business. I also know that women may need to pay child support, so this can be related to both genders. I just need to share this a conversation I heard not too long ago wherein a man complained … [Read more...]

Simply Living My Life

When my husband purchased concert tickets for me for Mother’s Day this year, I was elated. I was even more excited to be able to attend since I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go! As it happened, my son had a bike race but it ended up getting cancelled and the evening was mine again! That night, I was able to see Marc Anthony perform a favorite song of mine, “Vivir Mi Vida” and it resonated with me once again and allowed me to feel all sorts of emotions. It reminded me, as it does every … [Read more...]

How to Compare Your Children

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with Carter, I promised myself I would never compare my two children. Why? Well, because my sister and I were constantly compared as kids and I hated it... She was the triguena and I was the blanquita. I was the studious one and she was lazy. I never wanted her to feel bad about who or how she was, although she sometimes showed otherwise with me, but that was NOT me! I didn’t want to be compared, nor did I like it.  With my boys I don’t compare them to … [Read more...]

Tired Of The Ignorance

Today when I went to the supermarket, I overheard a woman waiting in  line in front of us talking to the cashier. The topic she was discussing and the way she was talking about it really forced me to do two things at once which, for the record, usually isn’t easy for me. Technically, I suppose I was actually doing three things at once; placing my groceries on the belt with help from my boys, keeping an extra close eye on them as usual and listening in on this conversation. Her ignorance was … [Read more...]

Supporting Your Child In A Dangerous Sport

As many of you see on my Instagram feed, my boys are into a very risky sport. Not to say other sports aren’t risky, but this one in particular is an extreme sport for sure. They LOVE supercross and motocross and my oldest rides an ATV. When they chose to do this, the gravity of the risk they wanted to take never crossed my mind, to be honest. Just the other day, another mother asked me what their hobbies were and the sport they enjoyed playing. When I shared their love of motocross with her, the … [Read more...]

My Father Will Forever Be My Hero

When I think back on the time that I had with my father, it never seems like it was enough. Still, in that short period of time, I learned so much from him. My father was my true hero. The time we spent together was valuable, and the small moments were what counted most. I recall sitting on his lap when his uncle passed away and watching him sob quietly, so strong yet so vulnerable. If I close my eyes, I can see him in his police officer uniform when he came home from work. I stayed up late on … [Read more...]

Children With ASD Not Socially Accepted

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you see lots of photos of my boys and me at the park. During the summer months especially, as soon as they wake up and have eaten their breakfast, they’re ready for the outdoors. Like most kids, during the summer, they like to be out and about. I, of course, love for them to socialize with new children and interact with others, but it’s NOT always easy for my oldest son, Victorio. Anything and everything MUST be preplanned for him. What I mean by … [Read more...]

Say No To Summer Packets

On the last day of school this year, I was extremely surprised to see that there was no HUGE packet requiring my attention in either of my boys’ bookbags. Let me explain.... Let us rewind to a few years ago when, with every holiday that rolled around, my eldest would have page after page of math work and then a project due upon his return to the classroom. This was for short breaks from school but for summer breaks, there was even more pressure. I remember cringing at the thought when it was … [Read more...]

Why Teachers Should Get Drug Tests

Just recently, I had a conversation with my husband about drug tests in the work place and it sparked some really interesting questions that I had for him and he had for me. My husband works for the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) and, at any moment, he could be sent down to the main headquarters to provide a urine sample for a drug test. I realized that, in his line of work, this is a great idea because he does maintenance on trains that millions of innocent lives ride on every day. … [Read more...]