Informed Teens Avoid Teen Pregnancy

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of and Latina Bloggers Connect. However all opinions expressed are my own. As I sit back and recall when I was a teen, I remember it being a transitional time for me. Hormones were raging, school had its ups and downs and I also wanted some freedom, especially during 17 and 18 years of age. Meeting the man who would become my husband in my teenage years drove my mom insane. As I hit puberty, I remembered years … [Read more...]

Monster Jam ® Path of Destruction At MetLife Stadium

**Disclosure: This is not a compensated post as it is part of an official "Fan Ambassador" for Monster Jam Path of Destruction at MetLife Stadium through its Social Toaster program.  All views and opinions are 100% my own**  Every time this event comes to my neighborhood it brings back so many memories. I remember when I was a young child and my father worked on cars. I recall that smell of gasoline, the smell of the burning tires when he did a burn out, and the sound of the engine revving. I … [Read more...]

Parents Demonstrating Bad Sportsmanship

My youngest rides a dirtbike and my oldest rides a quad and I already see that I may have some issues with some of these other moms on the track. I have seen parents become competitive but I am just NOT that type so I’m not so sure I fit in. Don’t get me wrong, I want my son to do well, but if he doesn’t make this sport a professional career, I am okay with this and I always practice good sportsmanship as I watch my kids participate. While I’m there though, I really don’t appreciate bad behavior … [Read more...]

Celebrating Diversity In Our Family

There are many things I share about me and my family on social networks because I am an open book! I have no shame in my game and I like to be honest and open with readers and followers alike. Many who know me know that my family is one big melting pot. We are as diverse as can be and that is something I share often. I believe that history repeats itself and in my case, that’s exactly what it did with my husband and I.   My Puerto Rican mother married my American father and in my … [Read more...]

Thanking My Boys On Mother’s Day

Becoming a mother was honestly on my mind since I began dating my husband all those years ago. I always knew that I wanted to get married and have a HUGE family. I no longer know about the huge part since we have two boys and not my previously planned six children, but we are HUGE with love and unity! On Mother’s Day I always spend the day with my boys. I don’t knock anyone who feels they need time away from their kids on that day because “They’ve earned it” though - to each their own. On … [Read more...]

Paras Are Teachers Too!!!

When my son first began working with a Para (para professional) in school, I remember being a bit skeptical because I wanted someone who would be truly compatible with him. I wanted him to feel comfortable with the person and I wanted to be comfortable too, of course. This was going to be a person that he would have to be with for the entire day and he or she must understand my son. I wanted to also develop a relationship with him or her, one with open communication so that we could better help … [Read more...]

Educators Who Inspire Me

As I think back to my school days, there was one educator throughout every school that I attended that had an impact on my life. In elementary school I remember clearly my Kindergarten and first grade teacher. My Kindergarten teacher played our classroom piano and I looked forward to her hands gliding over the keys. She was sweet but at the same time expected the very best from us at all times, always reminding us to use our manners. My first grade teacher always walked in bubbly and with a … [Read more...]

Losing My Loved One To A Stroke

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the American Heart Association for American Stroke Month, but all opinions are my own. Close to ten years ago on May 17th, I lost my first cousin, the only child of my aunt, to a brain aneurysm. I had lost my dad a few years prior so I knew what it felt like to lose someone close, but it still didn’t prepare me for this. A vibrant 32-year-old young lady who had her entire life ahead of her, was gone within seconds. As per my research, a stroke … [Read more...]

Monster Energy AMA Supercross & Family

Monster Energy AMA Supercross proves another year in a row that they know how to put on a tremendous family event. It’s a no brainer why we love and live for this sport in part because we have a personal connection. We don’t just attend for a little fun (because it’s a LOT of fun!), but we go because we know what this sport entails and we’re passionate about it. This sport is a HUGE family event for us. On any given Saturday evening you will catch us watching Supercross and Motocross on TV “as a … [Read more...]

Learning Through My Son With Asperger’s

Although I have been a teacher for many years now and have a few special education courses under my belt, I truly believe NOTHING prepares you more than “hands on” experience. I have been receiving that hands on experience for eleven years now and would not have it any other way. This direct experience in serving and supporting someone with Asperger’s comes from my own son. Advocating for him has taught me so much along the way!  Just this past weekend I learned something new...again! After … [Read more...]