Cricket Wireless Helps Me Save For My Dream Trip #Giveaway

**Disclosure: This is a compensated collaboration with Cricket Wireless and Latina Bloggers Connect** Those who know me well know that I love few things more than saving dinero! It’s often a joke in my household that I take after my dad in this way and I am totally okay with that. He was an extremely wise (and frugal) man and had a lot to show for it. My savings is always a priority for me because I love to do things with my family and I love to provide my children with great exposure to … [Read more...]

5 Rewards of Rejection

Let’s face it, who likes rejection? I don’t think anyone does but as you get older, you do get wiser. You get wiser and you realize that “rejection” doesn’t just mean it’s THE END!!! Rejection can also mean it’s the beginning, it’s your re-incarnation, and it can be a huge reward. Here’s why: You’re growing Rejection can lead to growth. What you thought you wanted at the moment was not the same as what you needed. Things happen for a reason and maybe you weren’t going to grow from that … [Read more...]

Parents Are The Foundation Of Education

**Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers.  All opinions are 100% mine**   Many can sit and say that parents cannot be blamed for the paths their children take. These people try to place the blame on teachers and our system, but I beg to differ. As an educator for many years now, I have seen the difference between a parent who is involved in their child’s education as opposed to a parent who does not place education as a top priority. Parents … [Read more...]

Family Memories Only With Sears

**Disclosure:  This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Sears and Latina Bloggers Connect**   My memories of my familia have stayed and will stay with me forever. I think this is the main reason why I feel like making memories with my boys today is extremely important. Memories are what follow you throughout your life and mine resurface even more so now during the holiday season. During this time of year, I remember the way my parents fostered my imagination as I believed … [Read more...]

When To Shut Up And Listen

There are many times in our lives when we just want to do whatever it is we want to do. We don’t want listen to anyone and just, “Cojer el camino”. We talk, we do, and we don’t want to listen to reason. While there are times when this is okay, there is often a moment in time when we just have to shut up and listen, because our way isn’t always the right way. The question is, how do we know when we can go with our gut and stay on our own path and when to shut up and listen? Every step that … [Read more...]

Review And Giveaway of VTech’s Switch and Go Dinos Turbo Bronco

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by VTech®. All opinions are 100%my own.** Switch and Go Dino’s was an immediate hit with my boys! VTech once again got it right by creating a toy that is both entertaining but yet very hands on. The 2-in-1 feature allows your Switch and Go Dino to go from cool car to dinosaur in an instant. The 70 sounds and phrases is an awesome addition for teaching kids those fascinating dino facts. It’s a great gift for your child during this time of year and it will … [Read more...]

7 Tips For Staying Inspired

It’s important for me to stay inspired - it’s what drives me. Maintaining my inspiration fuels me and gives me both an inner peace and an ignition to want more out of life and from myself. Today I’m sharing with you seven tips that have helped me stay inspired throughout the years and allow me to continue to be a “go getter”: Inspire and motivate others I love to uplift others and make them feel valued. There is nothing like someone giving you Kudos for what you do or recognizing your hard … [Read more...]

You Didn’t Reach Your Goal, But You’re Still A Success

In life, many of us have several goals and accomplishments that we may want to tackle. What many of us don’t realize is that, along this journey toward our goals we never know what we may encounter. Life takes turns for the better and sometimes for the worse. Both our triumphs and our struggles may lead us to face a bump in the road which may slow the process towards our goals. Does it mean that we are failures because we didn’t achieve our goals within a certain time frame? Does it mean we … [Read more...]

Beautiful Fun With Fellow BLM Hermana!

In September of 2013 I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Christa Meyers AKA Beatrice Clay at the BLM Event, “Developing Your Brand Through REALationships” and she was AMAZING!!!!! She is a beautiful person in every sense of the word. As soon as I walked into the room, she was warm and friendly with me. She instantly made me feel as though I belonged there which is part of what made the event such a hit and so inspirational for me. I made beautiful connections with like-minded women and we … [Read more...]

A Role Model For Our Children

In my eyes, I am a role model every single day for my own children and for my classroom children as well. I don’t feel that it’s tremendous pressure on me because it’s what I live for and the path I’ve chosen for myself. I often laugh when I hear celebrities say, “it’s too much pressure to be considered a role model.” I actually enjoy that type of pressure (although it’s not really pressure for me). Modeling good work ethics and appropriate behavior comes easily to me. No, I am NOT perfect, but … [Read more...]