How Hard Is It To Raise A Kid With ASD?

I attended a children’s party with my youngest and I had such a great chat with an older woman whose grandson was diagnosed with Asperger’s. As we got to talking and I shared my own blessing of a son with Asperger’s, she said, “That must be so hard!” I didn’t know her, again we had just met, but I explained to her that for me, “It’s NOT hard because he’s just like any other little boy. What’s hard are the behaviors of others, really.” ASD isn’t hard, it’s like anything’s challenges … [Read more...]

Speaking Out Against Standardized Tests

Today is our first day back from mid-winter recess and I am sure other educators are like me thinking, “Now, to cram these kids with test prep” because that’s literally what it feels like every year at this time. In fact, if you’re in a testing grade you’ve been actively preparing since September actually, but it really intensifies NOW!!!! You see what happens is, the month of March has no days off. That means the more “test prep” and cramming they get, the better, according to them. So THEY … [Read more...]

Bonding At The Library

My boys know what a library is and they have visited one in school and with their respective classes but I myself had never taken them until very recently. Shocked? Well, I never took them because, despite what many may think about the children of teachers, not all of them are as studious as we would like. I know for a fact that my oldest isn’t and I didn’t want to pressure him into going before he was ready and wanting to go. We have a library at home and it’s only once in a blue moon that I … [Read more...]

Working Parents Matter Too

I would love to participate more at my boys’ school but this working mom just can’t catch a break! Do you feel the same being a working parent? Sometimes I think it really sucks! Sorry to be so harsh about it, but I too want to partake in these social morning breakfasts and lunchtime assemblies but I am in my own classroom with my own students with no time for my own kids! This doesn’t help my “Mami Mojo” either since I usually look like an absentee Mami in the eyes of my boys, especially my … [Read more...]

When Life Throws You Hard Balls

The daughter of a police officer and an entrepreneur (my dad owned an Auto Parts store) when my husband first met me he once shared, “I bet you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth.” That wasn’t the case, of course. He only thought that because we were from two different upbringings! My life was like that of any other and it included some hardships and rough spots as well that I don’t often speak about. I have had my share of hard balls thrown at me especially when my dad passed … [Read more...]

Dealing With Your Child Being Told, “I’m not your friend!”

It broke my heart a few days ago when my son mentioned that a little girl told him that she wasn't his friend. I know that's normal, regular kid stuff but it's different with my Victorio. Friendship is so important to him because he's genuinely a sweet kid and hearing she didn’t consider him a friend surely broke him into a million pieces. Let me explain. Had it been me at the age, I couldn’t have given two shits (just being honest and putting it out there) about it. My dad raised me with … [Read more...]

Things To Do During School Breaks

As a working mom I always look forward to spending breaks from school with my boys. It feels great to not have to rush from one thing to another and spend some quality time together. We can have what turn into great conversations without thinking about the time and making our bedtime deadline each evening. We look forward to breaks in general, but especially enjoy the little things included on this list of things to do during school breaks: Late nights together We knock out our routine … [Read more...]

In Honor of Valentine’s Day, Our Love Story

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and the air sprinkled with extra love, I can’t help but think about our own love story a little bit extra. It’s not because we are one of those couples who are over the top on Valentine’s Day or any other mushy type holiday, but I think we are just US and we just focus on what we have and what we’ve created all of these years. Here we are so many years later, plenty of holidays under our belt, and we are still going strong (thank God).  Our … [Read more...]

Children Need Discipline

Discipline is important to me. I want my children to know that there are consequences to every action whether it be positive or negative. It’s because of this that I am not light on my children. Whatever they want, I provide but all rewards come in moderation and of course they have to be earned. After all, that’s how I was raised and I turned out pretty okay. I don’t recall myself giving my parents much grief in any department - school or boys. And it’s not because suddenly I have … [Read more...]

The Resilience of Children

A few days ago, there was a really huge fire on the evening news. I don’t like to shelter my children but I do monitor what they watch because some things can have a real impact on them, especially this story with reports and images of the fire. We usually eat dinner with the television on mute, only showing the picture, so we can talk amongst one another while enjoying our meal. My oldest walked off the table to get something from the counter and I saw him glance over to the television and my … [Read more...]