Join Us For The #SpongeBobMovie Twitter Party

Sponsored   If you enjoy spending quality time with your children as much as I do you, will be sure to enjoy this @SpongeBobMovie. You will have a blast experiencing this movie with your children- watch and see! Join Bloggin Mamas & @SpongeBobMovie as we host the #SpongeBobMovie Twitter Party on Wed, 2/4/15 at 9p EST! Join us as we celebrate the new film & talk about your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants characters! Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Time: … [Read more...]

ASD And Voluntary Tracking Devices

When I heard about the voluntary tracking devices and expansion of services for children and families who have ASD or other developmental disabilities in which wandering is an issue and quite common, I jumped for joy! Having a verbal child under the ASD umbrella often leaves me in fear of what could happen within today’s school system. Yes, I am a teacher, but suffice it to say I am not so PROUD of what took place with Avonte Oquendo. I completely believe someone must be held accountable as I … [Read more...]

How We Survive Sick Days

**Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with PediaCare® and Latina Bloggers Connect ** This week was like a week of pure mommy horror! As a working mom with an injured hubby and two sick children, I thought I saw heaven when Friday rolled around and PediaCare® was delivered on my doorstep. Although it was a HORRIBLE week, we survived and we made the best of it! We got through the most horrible sick days by just staying busy and enjoying good quality time with one … [Read more...]

Explaining Death To Children

Death has been quite a topic of discussion in our household lately. I have shared a bit on Facebook as I have been searching for answers for the best way to explain it to my kids. What I realized is that there is no “best way” to explain death and dying to children, really. I try as best as I can but it’s usually interrupted by knots in my throat and it’s no easy task to complete. Especially when the topic is centered around my father who passed in 1999 at the end of his battle with colon … [Read more...]

Talking To Our Kids About History

During the month of January and February, we talk about history and the roles that African Americans had in it. It’s a tough topic because some of it is very complex and it can be very deep so I try to discuss it in simple enough terms for kids to understand, especially my own children. Although we have experienced racism on the playground ourselves, we don’t make race a topic of discussion in our family often, if at all. We answer the questions that our kids have and if history just so happens … [Read more...]

Homework Help: When To Stand Back

As a mother, I think my duties include helping my boys with and looking over their homework. That’s what my parents did for me. My mom would be in charge of making sure it got done and my dad would look over it if we had some difficulty when he came home from work. My oldest is in 5th grade (soon going on to middle school) and I still believe this is just another part of my job as “mom”. Just a few days ago, I realized I need to stand back a little bit more...give him the rope and see which way … [Read more...]

Celebrating & Appreciating Life

Just the other day, I posted about the first week of the New Year being over and how I was feeling more relaxed. I am truly taking this New Year to celebrate life. Not that I haven’t celebrated it prior to 2015, but in my heart I believe I took many things for granted. I want to celebrate and appreciate more of what takes place in my life, even the smallest of things I maybe didn’t notice or appreciate before. For example, something as tiny as sleep. I used to find myself stressing over … [Read more...]

Writing With A Purpose

The other day I saw a tweet reminding me of what I already know and what I live by: I must write because I want to, not just because. I truly feel if you’re not motivated to write, then you shouldn’t. That even goes for sponsored posts because those posts are personal too. Many may think you’re just writing for the money but that isn’t the case, at least not for me. I have to feel a REAL connection to the product or the brand and feel genuinely compelled to share in order to write. But where … [Read more...]

Rosie Perez’s Book Shines A Light On Mental Illness

Prior to reading Rosie Perez’s book, “Handbook For An Unpredictable Life,” I had heard about Mental Illness and had even been in the presence of many who have faced it but were undiagnosed or were in a state of pure denial about their condition. It seems to be that many don’t want that sort of classification because they are scared of being judged and I totally understand that. Sometimes it may even be a cultural thing! It’s important for us to know that when we are feeling a certain way (maybe … [Read more...]

RSVP For The #BigelowBreakfast Twitter Party

Do you love a good Twitter Party?  You KNOW we do and we're excited to host a party about getting up in the morning and ways to replace your morning Java! On Friday, January 16, 2015 at 8:00 PM ET please join us for the #BigelowBreakfast Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing your morning buzz, and giving you a chance to win prizes!   I was a cafe con leche type of gal but not anymore! I really enjoy a nice warm cup of tea to jumpstart my morning. Right before I lay my head down to … [Read more...]