Getting In The Mood For The Holidays With Febreze

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze but all opinions are 100% my own** I adore everything about the holiday season. I begin counting the days right after today (Halloween) because I know my favorite time of year is very close. The scents of the holidays are HUGE for me and I LOVE anything that smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Febreze NEVER lets me down in this department, this I can assure you! They always seem to capture the moment and just the right scent in … [Read more...]

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Bilingual Twitter Party #MiHeroeFavorito

**Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney®. However, all opinions are 100% my own**   Kids often hear about ‘super’ heroes- the kind that fly through the air and can carry trucks and break through buildings. But the conversation of ‘everyday’ heroes isn’t always as popular. People like teachers (like myself ;) , fire fighters, police officers, nurses and everyday folks in our communities often go unnoticed for their small heroic acts. … [Read more...]

My Son Thought Staying Home Wasn’t Work

Just the other day I got into a really great conversation with my oldest child on our way to school. He asked me what my mom did when I was a little girl and I told him she stayed home and took care of us. His answer was shocking and went like this, “what? she didn’t work?!” “Yes, she did,” I quickly replied. “Working from home isn’t a real job!” he lashed back. “Of course it is, don’t be silly,” and I went on to tell him that she woke up early like I do now accept she didn’t leave home to put … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids to Eat Healthier

The class trip to Whole Foods with my new first graders couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I just announced that I was selected to attend the Good Food Force National Meeting in Washington, D.C. with MomsRising scheduled for Friday, November 7th and then found myself touring a grocery store on a mission to help us live healthier lives. It’s an honor to be a part of such an initiative as I incorporate healthier habits into my own families life. The Good Food Force National Meeting will … [Read more...]

Having ADHD Is Not A Life Sentence

Being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is not the life sentence many people imagine. That said, it was definitely a life changing experience for us all. When our son was diagnosed with a combination of Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD, it was all hard to swallow but it’s nothing we didn’t expect. Having observed him for many years, I knew he needed help and being his advocate first and foremost, I knew it was up to me to seek it out. My child who will be eleven … [Read more...]

My Boy Is Moving Onto Middle School

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was being induced and giving birth to my first born. Sometimes I think back and say I should have never let them induce me, but that’s an entirely different post... I do know that I NEVER in a million years thought this day in particular would sneak up on me. Middle school was NOT a thought in my mind as my boy was growing but I guess, like most mothers, I’ve lived in a state of denial and disregard for time as it passes because goodness, the years flew … [Read more...]

Why I Thought My Son Was A Bully

Years ago when I was a director of a preschool, I took my firstborn son to work with me. Having no family to help me out when I needed (like I have now) was rough. As a director, it was convenient to have him with me where I worked all day. Prior to that, he had been home with his father and, while he certainly paid attention and cared for him greatly, my husband never mentioned anything out of the ordinary in regard to his behavior. It was only during the time he spent as a student in my … [Read more...]

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus Makes My Life Smoother

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Downy. All opinions are my own** I am a mother on the go so I need anything and everything available to make my life that much simpler. It wasn’t always so simple for me and I was never allowed enough time in the day to get to the real important things, BUT with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus I am one happy mami! Working away from home and then coming home and working more is no easy task, but I really think Downy had us Mami’s in mind when they created … [Read more...]

Apple Picking And Spending Quality Time

Family time is an essential part of my life. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned that I crave balance in my life. I have always been a homebody and a workaholic (inherited from my dad), but I also love to be out and about. When I say “out and about” I don’t mean out in the street or in the clubs though. In fact, I have NEVER even been to a club, believe it or not! Going out for me means enjoying the scenery and taking in one thing I adore, long drives. Long drives clear my mind and they make me … [Read more...]

3rd Annual Las Comadres & Compadres Writer’s Conference

Since I can remember, I have always loved to read and write. As a child, I wrote my name on paper napkins repeatedly driving my mother absolutely insane (Bounty ain’t cheap--lol). I read all the time and won awards for my writing in high school but I chose teaching as a career though I had every intention to NEVER give up on my writing. I have journal after journal filled with my accounts of tears, achievements and wonderful occasions locked up in my attic and on my book shelves. I have reading … [Read more...]