Donating A Photo To Make A Difference

I love to help out in both my real life and online community in any way I can. A few weeks back, I saw some photos in my stream which were labeled for an important cause and a donation to the charity. Johnson & Johnson’s water mark was also across it and I was intrigued. I am always hesitant to ask (something I need to work on) but I knew I had to look into this more. Honestly, with our busy schedules, who has the time? With Johnson & Johnson’s app there are no excuses because it makes … [Read more...]

What Speaking Spanish Means To Me

In my household growing up, speaking Spanish was NOT an option but a necessity, especially if I wanted to communicate with my Abuela from Puerto Rico and my tía as well. It was a no brainer when I began absorbing the language at a young age. My mother spoke both English and Spanish at home, but my dad only knew the English language. At school, I only spoke English as well. I don’t recall my mother forcing us to speak Spanish, it was just learned naturally. This is why I guess I have the … [Read more...]

International C-Section Awareness Month: My Story

This month is International C-Section Awareness month. In honor of the occasion, I felt compelled to share my own c-section stories. As many of you may know, I did NOT want a c-section and was scared shitless about having one initially. When my first son was born, I was pressured into it by my doctor. Throughout my pregnancy with my first child, I longed for a natural birth with pushing and all. I had my plan and envisioned it every day from the night I conceived. Unfortunately, as it often … [Read more...]

Pitbulls Are Our Choice For A Family Pet

Magenta has been in our lives since she was just 8 weeks old. As soon as she walked in our front door, she felt at home in our arms and she was considered a member of our family! Her breed is an American Bully, Pitbull and we know she gets a lot of negative criticism about it but we don’t care! My husband and I firmly believe it’s all in the way you raise them. Our Magenta is NOTHING like what others describe about Pitbulls and it’s sad that she’s judged as soon as people lay eyes on’s … [Read more...]

Church Became My Enemy!

Being raised Catholic, I remember my CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) days. My mom would pick us up religiously (pun intended) every Wednesday for religious instruction. We would be dropped off and for an entire hour we were immersed in religious studies in preparation for communion, then finally confirmation. I remember my mother saying, "When you get married you can have a big elaborate wedding because you're a part of the church". I really felt a profound love for church and after … [Read more...]

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Returns to MetLife Stadium

** Disclsoure: This is not a compensated post as it is part of a Supercross brand ambassador campaign- Supercross Social Toaster Program. ** An entire year has passed since we started this journey and during that time, my boy has worked on his riding skills immensely within Supercross. We watch Monster Energy AMA Supercross religiously as a family every Saturday because this is who we are now! On Friday or early Saturday morning, we pack up and go as a family on long rides just to get some … [Read more...]

Approaching Life With Positivity

Despite all that I have been going through these past couple of months, I always try to stay positive. The truth is, I wasn’t always that way actually. You know I gotta keep it real! You go through your stages in life where you’re like, “Oh gosh, please that ain’t happening!” or you become so negative it becomes toxic to those around you. I recall becoming that person when I was trying to pass my teacher’s certification (already with my Master’s degree) and I missed it by a single point. I also … [Read more...]


The other day I had a lengthy conversation with one of my boy’s teachers in regards to his progress. It’s something that I stay on top of because it’s important for me to know how he’s progressing and if he’s meeting his IEP goals. Funnily enough, standardized test scores are not included in my son’s (or any other student’s) IEP and yet, that’s precisely what the focus is on during this time of year. To be honest, that stupid test was NEVER a thought in my mind but the fact that I am aiming to … [Read more...]

Honey Maid “Go Bites” And MotoCross

** Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Being Latino and Honey Maid. As always, all opinions are my own.** My Boys are extremely active, a fact that has been true since they were in utero, actually. I remember those flutters and somersaults and knew I had my hands full before they were even born. Now, at the age of 11 and 5, they keep me on my toes. During the week, it’s all about school and once the weather is nice in New York City, we are out and about as much as possible. … [Read more...]

Friendships in Motherhood

My dad was pretty much a loner. I mean, he had his friends but didn’t label them ALL as “friends” but mostly as acquaintances. He always said, well you’ve heard it before...his take on having a friend being like having a dollar in your pocket and what happens when they wrong you. I always have his words in the back of my mind but I also allow people in, especially those who I feel worthy of my friendship and me of theirs. I have many friends from different chapters of my life and they all remind … [Read more...]